Malta week 8

Dear Dutchies and other readers,

This is already week 8 from my internship in Malta, due to my 2 weeks of holiday, I haven't posted 2 weeks.

This week was pretty boring in my view, due to the holidays and national days, the supplier didn't come for 2 weeks, which means that there is not a much to do, also a lot of products were not even in stock. This also means that next weeks orders, will be a lot. Also the shipment will be huge shipment coming Tuesday.

On the other hand it was very good, that we didn't have shipments this week, since I got to do some new things, and now I do have more experience, which is very nice.

Today, my colleague will go back to Germany unfortunately, and there are some rumours that there will come a new student. 

That was it for this week.

I hope you've all enjoyed.

Best wishes,

Rik Korevaar




Leuk dat er een nieuwe student bij komt, is dit ook een Nederlander?

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